Cairns: Trip to the Daintree

11 Jan

The last part of Keb’s and my Raging Holiday package in Cairns was a two-day trip to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. On the agenda was a trip to an animal sanctuary, lunch at a restaurant hidden in the bush somewhere and then spending a night at our bush hostel. The next day we would go on a crocodile spotting tour.

We stopped at an animal sanctuary for morning tea and got to walk around looking in the various enclosures. This was when Keb and I discovered a, uh, dead wallaby on display and had to go find an employee to inform them. Normally we would have assumed that it was just sleeping but it wasn’t breathing and was lying in a very odd position… Apart from the wallaby, I liked the sanctuary. We also heard some women discussing whether a cassowary was an ostrich. It was definitely a cassowary.

This wallaby wasn't dead. Also, check out what humidity does to my hair!

Note: This is not an ostrich.

After that we hopped on the bus again and stopped at a lookout. The view was rather spectacular, and the foggy weather added a kind of eerie beauty to it.

The next stop was at Cape Tribulation where we went for a beach walk and had lunch. As you can see, the beach was very secluded and the scenery amazing.

Later, we were taken to our hostel. It was a strange combination of cabins and one communal area where we could get dinner. We were very close to the shower block too, which was convenient seeing as it was pretty wet.

Unfortunately, Keb and I decided to go on the “Orange Rope Walk” the afternoon we arrived and it was soon dubbed the “Walk of Doom”. It was wet, muddy, the rope had disappeared in some areas and there were large trees blocking our way. We weren’t in the best of moods after that walk.

Wait, the tree is supposed to be there?

This looks really safe.

That evening was also the one where I’d gone to take a shower and only realised after I had taken all my clothes off that I’d chosen the shower with no shower head. Because I didn’t feel like getting dressed again or making a mad dash to the next cubicle, I stuck with the shower and consequently didn’t enjoy it.

The next morning was pretty lazy. We went for a walk wearing some mega attractive ponchos. Keb slipped on the road and hurt herself but soon recovered when we found a cafe that also served some amazing ice cream. We stayed there for a while before heading back to our cabin to pack up and wait for our ride whilst inspecting our various insect bites.

We were picked up early in the afternoon and taken on a crocodile tour. By this time we were both starting to feel a bit crook. That being said, it was still fascinating to boat around and spot little crocodiles here and there and see some more amazing views.

Ok so maybe not so little...

Finally we made it back to our hostel in Cairns where we crashed early that night, marking the end of our Raging Holiday package. We decided to stay on for an extra couple of days after that, but more on that another time.


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