A review: Evolution of Smooth

8 Jan

I think I heard about EOS on YouTube. Unsurprising really, seeing as I spend a lot of time watching makeup tutorials on there. Also, Zoe Foster recommended them on one of her sites.

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, makes these fantastic lip balms and package them in these sweet little spheres. If the spheres are a bit too freaky for your liking, they still come in stick form. I showed one to my cousin when I first got them and she was a little taken aback. In fact, they draw attention whenever you whip them out.

I couldn’t originally decide on which flavour I wanted to get so I went a little bit crazy and bought one of almost everything in a six-pack. In it I got sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, summer fruits, medicated tangerine, lemon drop (+spf) and honeysuckle honeydew. My least favourite is the medicated tangerine because it smells like an odd combination of blistex and citrus, but still works very, very well.

Long story short, I love these balms. This is a good thing because I now have six which will probably last me years unless I use them compulsively every couple of minutes. That could happen because I do love using them that much.

95% organic and 100% natural, you can feel better about the fact that you inadvertantly eat lip products off your puckers all the time. At least this stuff doesn’t have any nasties in it. They have a lovely texture and keep your lips feeling soft and supple. You know how sometimes you use a lip balm and then five minutes later your lips feel worse? Well, these don’t do that. Trust me. They’re wonderful.

My favourites are the mint, lemon and melon. I am a sucker for almost anything minty so no surprises there. The lemon one reminds me of lemon delicious, which happens to be one of my favourite puddings of all time. The melon one was a surprise but it smells so much like honeydew and summer that it would be difficult to not like it. The strawberry one and summer fruits aren’t far behind. It took me a few weeks to pinpoint what the smell of the summer fruits one reminded me of. And then it hit me–Golden Circle’s Sunshine Punch. That’s exactly what it smells like. It takes me back to church luncheons when I was younger.

As I said before, I’m not so fond of the tangerine one but I think it would be wonderful in winter when everything gets a bit dry, crackly and gross.

They also make excellent gifts. I got my cousin and sister-in-law a duo pack in strawberry sorbet and passionfruit as part of their Christmas presents. Plus my sister got a four pack with her favourite flavours that she’d tried of mine. I order mine online from Addicted2lipbalm.com.au

Go ahead. Try one. Or six.


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