A review: MooGoo

1 Dec

My love affair for MooGoo began about this time last year or maybe even a bit earlier. I first bought MooGoo from my local Healthy Life store, most likely out of curiosity. This happens to me fairly frequently. I’ll go somewhere with no particular desire to purchase anything, but something will pique my interest and I’ll end up getting it. So I believe I first bought the MooGoo “Milk” product, which is their soap/cleanser and an oil cleanser for oily skin. Yeah, go figure.

I’ll start with the oil cleanser. I did not follow the instructions properly with this one as it’s more a steam cleanser than the simple rub on/rub off style. And, because I am lazy and do not want to wait around for things to work while I’m in the shower I just went ahead with my own method, which was probably not as effectve. If I actually followed the instructions properly, I probably would have noticed more change in the texture of my skin. However, it was around the time my skin had gone completely insane and it did do a good job of keeping it calm and didn’t exacerbate the problem at all. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a long, steamy shower.

Next, the milk cleansing soap. This is my all time favourite soap. It is creamy and almost pearlescent looking. It smells mild and like cleanliness, if cleanliness had a particular smell. It’s gentle enough to use on your face, which I do every night as a second cleanse. You don’t need much, even though it doesn’t lather. It’s a little bit pricey as far as soap or shower gel goes, but it lasts me a lot longer than any shower gel does and it doubles as a face wash. Multipurpose and amazing? It’s perfect.

I then tried the shampoo and conditioner. You should know already that my hair and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship so it’s difficult for me to say whether it makes a difference to my hair or not. Because it doesn’t have any of those ingredients that make it all lathery, I probably used more shampoo than I need to. I think I’m still programmed to feel the lather in my hair so I used more to feel like my whole scalp was covered. The conditioner is nice too. I really can’t give too much of an in depth discussion on the pros and cons of this, because I truly am useless when it comes to all things hair. It’s outside my realm of understanding.
(Side note: I haven’t had them for the past couple of months because I moved onto a sulphate free range that my hairdresser got me to try.)

The next product I tried was the Full Cream moisturiser. When I first used it I almost panicked because it is a very rich product and I’m an incredibly greasy person (charming, I know). It was one of those “uh-oh” moments but I used it anyway because I’m stubborn. It was about the time when I started to think that maybe my skin is super sensitive and maybe it actually needs something like this–-getting paranoid, you see. Besides, if you don’t slather yourself in it, it soaks into your skin really well. One bottle costs around $13 (I think) and it lasted me a good three or four months. My skin texture improved and it definitely wasn’t congested or anymore oily than before. I even bought a bottle for my mother and she really liked it. She’s the type of woman who’ll slather on mounds of cream onto her arms and hands claiming she has reptilian skin, so much so that if you ever drive in her car your hands almost slip off the steering wheel there’s so much product residue on there. Back to the point. Mum likes thick moisturiser and she loves this stuff too.

Then, another curious moment. I decided to try the MSM Soothing Cream. I’d previously bought a tub of this and the milk wash for my cousin who suffers from dermatitis. Call it an experiment or familial concern, but I wanted to see if it would do anything good for her skin. I don’t think she tried it for ages because she’s become a guinea pig for her mother also and had about a million other things she’d bought before and wanted to use up.
MSM is supposed to be some sulphuric compound that your skin needs to heal and so on and so forth (I’m obviously an expert on this subject). Because my skin was still a bit temperamental, I thought I’d buy it for myself. I still had one of those panicky moments when I first tried it because of its consistency, but a couple of weeks later and it was like I had a new face. I still got a few spots, but my skin was far less angry than it had been for a long, long time and I reckon this product contributed to that.

Since then I have recently bought the Acne Cleansing Cream. Aside from its bizarre smell, which is I think thanks to the hops in it, I am a fan. It’s a toss up for me whether I prefer the MSM Soothing Cream or this one because they have both done good things for me. The Cleansing Cream has all natural ingredients and doesn’t have your typical “clinical” acne fighting agents, so it doesn’t feel at all like it’s drying the skin. I’m not overly fond of the smell but I am a little sensitive about smells. My skin’s looking pretty damn good lately, so we can overlook the smell problem.

I’ve also recently bought the deodorant in the hopes it will solve my issue that I’ve had for the past two months. So far it seems to be working better than anything else I’ve tried so it might actually be a winner. Maybe.

My overall view of MooGoo? I love it. I keep going back for more and more. I buy it for presents and I recommend it to people whenever I get the chance. It’s natural, gentle, especially good for people with problems like exema and it’s from an honest Australian company. I can’t say enough about this to express how much I love it. It will be a staple of mine forever. Check them out here.

Ps. Apologies for my bad photography skills.


5 Responses to “A review: MooGoo”

  1. amber 10/12/2011 at 12:01 am #

    want that one…

  2. amy 20/07/2012 at 9:06 am #

    do you apply the acne cleansing cream to wet or dry skin ? im a little bit confused

    • bearinthere 20/07/2012 at 11:53 am #

      I apply it to damp skin. After I’ve washed my face I just pat my skin dry so it’s still a bit damp and then used a pea-size amount of the cream to cover my face.

      I hope that helps!


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