Cairns: White Water Rafting

24 Nov

I know if you ever met me in real life, you’d probably assume that I’m not an adrenalin junkie. And you’d be right. However, I won’t say no to something that might seem adventurous like, say, white water rafting.

Last year when Keb and I went on a holiday to Cairns, one of our activites was to go white water rafting on the Tully River. We went in the high season so the river was more swollen, which means higher grade rapids and more fun.

Keb and I were put in a group with four other girls–one French lady, one Korean girl and two German girls. For Queensland girls we were embarrassingly pale compared to the others. We were also assigned our raft leader, Marius. He was Norwegian and just a little bit cheeky.

Of course, before we even hopped in a raft, we were given a safety brief, a rashy, a life jacket, helmet, paddle and instructed to keep some kind of footwear on (mine were blue). Those rapids can be dangerous and they give you those things for a reason. We were also told to always be aware of our paddles because they can do some damage. I, uh, did some damage to Keb’s face, giving her a black eye halfway down the river but luckily she forgave me. I also accidentally head-butted the French lady behind me giving her a bruise and I’m pretty sure that Keb injured the Korean girl too in a similar fashion. We are a dangerous pair.

Anyway, at the beginning Marius told us that we basically sucked at paddling and gave us a few pointers before we got to some more serious rapids. Keb and I were in the front of the raft so we got the full brunt of the rapids too.

I fell out at one point because of Marius. I’m 99% sure he did it on purpose for his amusement so that half of us would fall out. Keb abandoned everything to make sure I was ok–I was actually fine and wondering why it felt like my foot was caught on something. It was Keb holding on for dear life. I think she was originally worried that I would hate the experience because I don’t actively seek out wild things to do (read: boring), but I was actually really enjoying myself.

Not all of it was super rough. There were some slow periods where we could take in the beautiful scenery. We also got a chance during this time to get to know each other a little bit. Marius tried to teach us some Norwegian but we were terrible at it and couldn’t pick it up. At some point we stopped for lunch too, which was provided for us as part of the whole day experience.

Well, white water rafting is terrifying, exhilarating, very, very wet but a whole lot of fun. You can definitely see why it’s called white water!

*These photos were taken by Raging Thunder, which we then bought.


One Response to “Cairns: White Water Rafting”

  1. amber 25/11/2011 at 5:46 pm #

    One of the facial expressions in the last photo is HILARIOUS.

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