14 Nov

I did something a little bit silly this weekend and that was to start a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle instead of studying.

For hours I sat hunched over my desk fitting in pieces, feeling soothed and yet also quite guilty that I was indulging myself rather than doing something I really ought to be doing.

Once I started I couldn’t stop. The first night I did the border and then the following day I nearly completed the entire thing. I had this piece that kept popping up near the end that I couldn’t figure out where it belonged. It had a piece of wing on it and I was sure I had completed all the bees in the puzzle. There was also a piece that I just couldn’t find. I was going to blame the cat in case she’d eaten it.

Well, I fit the second last piece of the puzzle in this afternoon and figured out what my problem was. I have an extra piece!

So I do indeed have 1000 pieces. They’re just not 100% right–one missing piece for a double piece.

It’s a beautiful puzzle though. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for the birthday present. I especially loved the little critters like the bees.

The cat also loves the puzzle. I’ve had to shoo her off and cover it now because she likes to chew on puzzle pieces and knock them on the ground. It’s purely to get attention, the naughty thing. She struck this particularly dashing pose on it this afternoon not long after I’d finished.

Cute, no?


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