A review: Clarins

12 Nov

Firstly, I don’t think Clarins is a particularly clean range, but I wanted to try it after watching a youtube review or two on some of its products some months ago. What I was most interested in was the Cleansing Milk, which I decided to buy shortly before I went to Thailand.

I’d probably be better able to understand the ingredients if they weren’t mostly in French, but maybe ignorance is bliss in this case.

I stupidly decided to buy it at Myer when they had a deal that if you spent a certain amount of money, you would get a free gift of eight mini products. I wasn’t actually intending on getting the gift, I just really wanted the cleansing milk. The lady in Myer said to me, “What else do you need to get your free gift?” and I just stood there briefly like a deer in the headlights thinking that I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money, but then felt trapped and that maybe I did want a gift. So I asked if they had any moisturiser with SPF in it that wasn’t going to make my skin really angry and more oily than it already was.

So I left the store quite a few dollars poorer with cleansing milk, moisturising fluid and a little gifty containing cleansing milk, a scrub, toner, beauty flash balm, day and night moisturiser and hand cream. Ok, so that’s only seven so maybe I forgot what the last one was or maybe there wasn’t an eighth. This is going to annoy me now… Oh wait, there was a bag too.

I gave the day and night moisturisers to my mother as a gift so I can’t tell you what they’re like but I assume they’re lovely. Maybe I’ll ask her what she thought of them.

I’ve taken the hand cream to work and use it just about everyday, mainly to get rid of it but also to see if it will make any difference to the numerous cat scratch scars I have on my forearms. Seriously, my arms look really, really bad. It’s a nice cream but sort of smells like sunscreen to me. It sinks in pretty well so I don’t feel greasy and like if I lean my elbows on the desk, that I won’t comically have my elbows slip off and make me look like an idiot. Normally I’m not a huge body moisturising fan, but that’s because I don’t really get dry skin and I’m also forgetful. But overall it’s a lovely, effective cream. I’d probably like it more if I wasn’t suspicious that it has heaps of parabens in it.

The beauty flash balm? I’ve only used it once. I guess it’s kind of like a primer and good if you want an instant face lift thing going on. I’m only twenty-three, so face sagging isn’t really an issue for me right now. I didn’t really notice a difference with my makeup so jury’s still out on this one. I’ll use it occasionally or maybe donate it to my mother and see what she thinks of it.

I took the mini cleansing milk, scrub and toner with me to Thailand. The scrub isn’t harsh or especially abrasive, which is a good thing. You shouldn’t be scrubbing away at your face like there’s no tomorrow anyway. And the toner? It was good but to me it felt a little bit… filmy… in a way. I still think they’re nice products and they’re definitely a handy size to take travelling, unlike my other hefty lotions and potions. I don’t think I’ve used either of these products for long enough to give a definitive review of them though, sorry!

Now, the cleansing milk is pretty luxurious. It also has a sunscreeny smell to me but I’d say most of the products do. I apply it to a dry face and massage it in with wet fingers and it feels like it melts into the face. My skin never feels tight or stripped of oil after I use it and actually feels really soft and supple. These days my skin is mostly happy so kudos there. I only use it once a day in the morning because I have about three other cleansers in the shower needing to be used as well. To me it’s like a more expensive version of Organic Essence’s purifying milk cleanser and, if I’m honest, I think I actually prefer the cheaper option. But more on that another time. Overall it’s a lovely product, but I don’t know if it’s really worth the amount of money you spend on it.

The moisturising fluid is a beautiful concept. It’s … fluidy… so it doesn’t make you feel greasy and sinks nicely into the skin. However, I haven’t used this one a great deal even though I took it to Thailand with me because it makes my eyes watery. That tends to really discourage me from using it on a daily basis. If my eyes are super sensitive and streaming by the afternoon, then I’m not really going to want to use it everyday, right? When I was in Thailand I ended up just using my normal moisturiser and putting sunscreen over the top and this week I used it twice and then decided it just wasn’t worth the pain. I’m going to use it on my decolletage from now on because I often forget to protect the skin there from the sun AND that way it’s not going to sneakily find its way onto my poor eyeballs. At $70 a pop, I don’t just want to throw it away.

My overall view of Clarins? It is luxurious but for the small thrill I got in seeing something expensive on my bathroom sink, it wasn’t really worth it. Plus if I think about all the ingredients in the products that I can’t even recognise and I can find just as good and cleaner products out there for less, then the likelihood of me ever repurchasing it is pretty slim.


2 Responses to “A review: Clarins”

  1. amber 13/11/2011 at 4:26 pm #

    I want to try the Moo Goo cleansing oils…

    • bearinthere 13/11/2011 at 6:45 pm #

      Freaky – my next review is going to be on Moo Goo AND I will mention my experiment with the cleansing oil. I don’t think I used it correctly…

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