Skin History

9 Nov

A long while ago I promised I would start doing some product reviews of skin and cosmetic products that I love to use. But, I think I should give a history of my skin first so you know where I’m coming from and what I’m looking for.

Warning: I may share too much information.

I’ve always had pretty good skin, probably thanks to my father’s genes. My mother has frequently said that she had dodgy skin and still complains about it. My Dad, on the other hand, has probably only ever had one zit in his lifetime.

Me at 16 with pretty ok skin apart from what I'm hiding under my hat.

I enjoyed mostly clear skin until Year 11 when all of a sudden I started getting migraines, my hair decided to go crazy wavy and my skin, namely my forehead, went on strike. Thank you, hormones… It wasn’t so much that I looked like a pizza face or anything. It was more that I would get deep, painful pimples around my hairline and the rest of my face was ok. This settled down after about a year and I had good skin except for the occasional spot ever since.

That was until last year. Last year my skin went totally nuts. I don’t think I can attribute it to any one particular thing. It was probably a combination of different factors, as my diet probably wasn’t so great and I was hugely stressed about oh so many things.

Somewhere between June and September last year, my skin decided it wouldn’t be friends with me anymore. I’d have what I assume were allergic reactions to some face washes or shampoos or soaps. My skin would become really dry and itchy and because I was changing all these products around all the time, I could never pin down for sure who the culprit was.

Then sort of around November my face became really congested, like I was getting little localised infections on my cheeks. I was also misdiagnosed with a sinus infection and went on two courses of antibiotics, which screwed things up a bit more. Then I got a rash from an allergic reaction to a sugar scrub all over my shoulders and back. Frankly, I didn’t want to be me or around me at this point. I felt diseased.

New Year's - hiding under a hat.

I decided I needed to start over again. I’ve always been interested in natural products and wary of things like sodium laurel sulphate. I’ve also always taken some sort of a dietary supplement. However, I learnt that sometimes even the more “natural” products can cause adverse reactions on your skin, like with that sugar scrub I mentioned earlier. Also, some natural shampoos didn’t appear to like me either.

So, over the past year I’ve changed most of the products I used to use, including soap, shampoo, deodorant and moisturiser. I’ve also cut out a lot of sugar from my diet, found some supplements that appear to be working, and lastly, eliminated a lot of stresses from my life. As a result, my skin is not nearly so angry as it was and is actually looking better than it did even 18 months ago. I still get blemishes every now and then but, unless you’re a freak of nature, so does everyone else.

Make up free in Koh Phi Phi

Now you know a bit about where I’m coming from, I’ll begin sharing with you my favourite products. Just be aware that I’m coming from my own experience with these products. You have different skin and might have different results. What works for me mightn’t work the same for you BUT, it might just be worth a try.


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