Moody Monday

5 Sep

Here’s a not newsflash – it’s Monday evening and I’m feeling irritable. I think it’s because I haven’t slept properly in days and I haven’t eaten properly today. Plus, I think the cat is picking up on my negative vibes and is being extra annoying and cranky and has perhaps tried to eat my arms at least twice this evening.

I feel… grizzly.

I’m going to try to justify it with the following reasons:

1. My internet is playing up and it’s not because I’ve used up my quota. Something has mucked around with it so it is incredibly slow and frustrating when you want to watch, say, a YouTube clip or two to wind down in the evening. Or, you know, load a new page.

2. The cat DOES NOT understand the concept of sitting beside me and not on my lap all the time. She has attacked me this evening because I keep placing her to my side. She has also been paddling in her water bowl in what I am sure is a passive aggressive attempt at gaining my attention. Next she’ll be scratching incessantly in her litter box.

3. My car rego expired today and, despite my paying the exorbitant bill almost two weeks ago, the new sticker hasn’t arrived. If I’ve been good enough to pay my rego before it’s due, am I being ridiculous in expecting QLD Transport to send my new sticker out on time?

4. I began doing an online tax return last night only to discover minutes in that once I lodge said tax return, I’d be charged a fee. I thought it was the official government etax thing but it wasn’t. So tonight I tried to figure out if I can cancel that account, but there is no “oops, please cancel” option. I’ve sent an email in the hopes they won’t give me some crap-assy answer like, “no, you can’t”. This also made me annoyed at my own stupidity for starting it in the first place without reading things properly.

5. I discovered that my health insurance fund still hasn’t sent me my statement for the last financial year, so I can’t do my tax anyway unless I request a statement. Um, what if I wanted to do my tax last month?

6. On the topic of health insurance, I’m thinking about upgrading but I don’t understand anything. This is just irritating in itself.

7. I’m starting to worry that I’m not actually getting all of my mail. I got my phone bill (hooray?), but not much else other than a council notice that people are apparently littering in my neighbourhood and some other newsletter thing, which I am obviously not interested in. Where is my mail?

Right, now that I’ve got all that whinging out of the way, I’m going to bed in the hopes I will sleep properly tonight.

‘Night all.


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