Job Security

24 Aug

Last week my supervisor informed me that my position is becoming permanent, but they have to advertise the job to make it all official and proper.

Great, I thought. I hate job applications. When I was looking to change out of my previous job, I applied for a few jobs, got a few interviews, but was rejected for all of them. That’s largely due to the fact that I believe I tanked all of the interviews. I look pretty good on paper, but in person I generally suck. Thanks, nerves.

The reason I did get this current job was because someone told my new supervisor that my old job was driving me nuts and that they should offer me a job. Well, a phone call and a five minute chat later, I was offered a job and could start in two weeks. I distinctly remember sitting in the office with the lady when she offered me the job that she said, “I feel like we haven’t talked for long enough… Oh well”. And that was that. I started my new job a fortnight later.

I didn’t actually know what my new job was going to be. There wasn’t even a position description in my letter of offer. All I knew was that there were going to be elements of my old job in the new one. Little did I know that it was largely going to be face to face enquiries, which is fantastic if you’re as scared of people as I am. I’m proud to say now though that I’m getting used to the concept, and while there are the occasional froot-loopy enquiries, it’s really not that bad.

This evening I’ve been updating my resume and writing my response to the selection criteria for this job. I have a gripe with selection criteria though. It’s all a bit wankery and repeaty. They have the same questions but slightly re-worded and I get the itch to cut and paste it a bit and just answer the one time instead of painstakingly trying to create a different and yet similar response several times. Plus you have to make yourself sound amazing and that just irks me because no one but a tool likes to talk themselves up.

Well, I guess I’ve procrastinated enough. This application is sadly not going to write itself.

PS. Is it weird that I’m nervous about an interview with the people I’ve already been working with for the past four months in case I stuff it all up?


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