Koala Paws

9 Aug

Did you know that koalas have two thumbs on each of their front paws? Neither did I until trivia tonight.

For some reason even the question and the mere concept of having more than one thumb seemed so ridiculous to me that I completely lost the plot and laughed hysterically for about ten minutes. Even now when I think about it, an uncontrollable giggle escapes my mouth.

We had five questions where the answer had to be between the numbers 1 and 5, but we’d already used the number 2 (mistakenly) and the only number we had left was 4. This made me laugh even more because, as I said, “if it had four thumbs then wouldn’t they just be fingers?”.

Honestly, this is probably going to make me laugh for the rest of the week.

Go on. Google “koala paw” and you’ll see that they do have two thumbs on their front paws.

PS. I also managed to accidentally swallow a whole ice cube which was incredibly painful. I don’t recommend it at all.


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