Finished Puzzle

4 Jul

I have finished my puzzle! Well… almost. There are TWO bits missing – an obsessive’s worst nightmare.

I’m not sure if they’re missing because the cat ate them, or if they were always missing (I bought it second hand), or if they are just hiding somewhere in the apartment. I might go for a rummage when I feel more inclined.

This is the 99.8% complete picture.

Now that it’s done I can focus on studying for Sunday’s exam. I’m not too stressed yet. The information is pretty straight forward. I just have to remember it!

Wish me luck on finishing my first unit of study. Perhaps I will need it.


One Response to “Finished Puzzle”

  1. wabiwabi 09/07/2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I quite like the effect of the missing piece!

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