Coffee Ponderings

7 Jun

Have you ever watched your friends drink their coffee? Everyone seems to have their own way of consuming it.

I personally rarely have sugar in my coffee and if I have a cappuccino (or latte) I like to eat the foamy chocolate bit off the top first before drinking the rest. My dad likes to make a little hole in the foam to pour the sugar in and then drinks it that way. I know a guy who periodically sprinkles sugar on top of his mocha as he drinks it, seeming to enjoy the bursts of crunchy sweetness. An old co-worker of mine prefers black coffee sometimes with a dash of milk (macchiato?) accompanied by two sugars. Then there was my old boss who would always have a skinny latte with two sugars. Is it wrong of me to think it’s pointless to ask for a skinny beverage if you’re going to put sugar in it anyway?

Strange how such a universal drink can become a very individual and particular experience.


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