This weekend

5 Jun

I’ve sort of had a half-weekend this weekend.

Yesterday I woke up with an almighty headache, vomited twice, sort of slept for half and hour and then vomited once more. Charming, I know. It was at this point that I decided maybe I should see a doctor, so I trudged down to the car and drove to a local shopping centre. I parked next to a pole… badly. I now have a nice scrape on my car over my left rear tyre (don’t tell Dad!).

Once I got to the doctor’s reception I found out that they didn’t have any available appointments. As I didn’t feel like driving anywhere else, I decided to try acupuncture instead. I made my way up two levels in the shopping centre and found an acupuncturist that I’d been to once before. They weren’t available for another hour but I booked anyway. At this point I still wasn’t feeling too great. Bilious is how I would describe it. I bought a peppermint tea, sat down at a small table, took a maxolon tablet (in the hopes it would stay down this time) and prepared to wait.

Waiting didn’t go so well. I think I might have fallen asleep across the table briefly a couple of times. Eventually the hour passed, so I went in and had some acupuncture, which helped a bit. Then I decided to go home and try to sleep the rest of the pain off.

I did sleep on and off for a few hours. The cat kept disturbing me and the house phone kept ringing probably every half hour or an hour. I refused to answer the phone as no one would ever call me on that phone number because I haven’t actually given it to anyone. At long, frustrated last I got up, fed the cat and answered the phone finally. You know what it was? A talking text message from a number I didn’t even recognise.

The headache still didn’t go away. I drugged myself after watching a few hours of tv and attempted to sleep it off overnight. That was also a fail. I woke up this morning still with a headache, but I had to get up because I had things to do today.

My cousin and I decided to head to the markets this morning where we bought a few vegies, some breakfast and a coffee. We spent a pleasant morning there before heading over to our mate’s place to help her move while she was still at work. We moved a couple of car loads of stuff and then decided to go home for a while until she finished work so we could help her later. We came back after 5pm and were surprised by her housemates and their apparent logic when it came to moving out of a house. We couldn’t tell what had happened in the five hours between us going home and then coming back because most of the same stuff was still in the old place… Oh well. Let’s just say it’s been a looong day.

Anyway, this weekend I’ve learnt a few things:

1. Don’t try to park next to a pole when you have a migraine.
2. It’s possible to fall asleep in the food court of a big shopping centre.
3. Sleeping doesn’t always make a massive headache go away.
4. You can discover bruises and not be 100% sure where they came from. (See exhibit A and B)
5. It is possible to deter a cat from jumping on the tv and turning it on by putting a pillow on top of it.
6. Girls may be seen as irrational, but sometimes guys don’t seem to be logical at all.
7. A petty remark can seem just that – petty and incredibly irritating.
8. Girls can be tough and also crafty when moving furniture.
9. It’s possible to be exhausted but still laugh long and loud at the end of the day.
10. You can always appreciate a hot shower at the end of a hard day.

Now for exhibit A. I have pretty much no idea how I got these bruises.

Meet my leg.

And exhibit B – the same leg but a different angle. I’ve discovered it isn’t as easy as you think to photograph your own leg.

I’ve got all sorts of weird and wonderful bruises on all of my limbs now. I guess it’s one of the by-products of helping move house. They also make for an interesting conversation starter.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am very ready for bed. I hope you’ve had a great and relaxing weekend.



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