Holiday Dreaming

2 Jun

I’ve just come home from catching up with one of my best friends who has very recently returned from, not so much a holiday, but a trip of a lifetime. She and a workmate have just trekked the Kokoda. I can’t describe how I feel about it because I managed to burst into tears twice while she was telling me about it all. You see, I was meant to go with her and even paid a deposit to go, but ended up pulling out for various reasons. Now that she’s back I kind of wish that I had gone to share the experience. I think part of the reason why I get so emotional about it is because there is this part of me that so wishes I could revisit PNG because I spent five years living there as a child. Then there is this bigger part of me that panics because I am not a camping person and I don’t think that I would have coped, which I will explain at another point in time.

This friend and I have been on a holiday together before. We went to Cairns in April last year on a Raging Holiday package where we went white water rafting, scuba diving (my intro) and hot air ballooning. It was a fantastic holiday but very full on.

Here I am in the hot air balloon.

I also did a bit of a whirlwind trip to Europe two years ago. I flew to Turkey on my 21st birthday by myself where I stayed for three days – one day in Istanbul and two days in Bodrum. I then met up with a big group of people (with only one familiar person) to do a tour of Turkey and Greece over a week. After Greece, I flew myself to Italy to meet up with my cousin and a friend of hers to travel around Spain, Morocco and a bit of France for a few weeks. My cousin and I parted ways with our travel parter in Paris after that and went back to Denmark. We decided to stay at the school my cousin had been working at for the past year for a few days. It was nice to take a brief break there from so much running around. Copenhagen was next on the list – we stayed there for a week catching up with friends I had made on the Greece tour and an old friend that we’d both met in Australia a year before. Then we finally went to Frankfurt for a couple of days where an old workmate showed us around before I eventually flew home.


I discovered two things on both these holidays. One: I don’t travel well by myself. When I was in Turkey, I was too scared to go out roaming by myself and definitely missed a great opportunity to explore Istanbul. Two: choose your travel partners well. My best friend and I fared pretty well on our trip to Cairns, but we also have different ideas about how to spend time and what defines and “exciting” adventure. As long as you can compromise and no one gets hurt feelings, you’re fine. The Europe trip? My cousin and I are amazing travel partners – we are both so phlegmatic and have similar interests and tastes. We’ll just go with the flow and do whatever takes our fancy for the day. Plus, chances are that at least one of us (not me) will be able to figure out how to use public transport. The third girl we had with us was more of a leader and we sometimes clashed BUT without her I’m sure we would have been in some sticky situations. I’m glad she was with us and we definitely did have a fun time.

(My cousin and me at Hamlet’s castle, Helsingor)

I will write bigger, better posts about both of these holidays. But right now all this reminiscing makes me wish I was heading somewhere exciting for a looooong while. I’m tired of the real world and real life. I want to go and explore interesting places, eat lots of food and learn new things about old places.

It will be my dream for a while…


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