Soupy Goodness

25 May

It’s just past 6pm. I’ve already showered, put on my pyjamas and just finished a bowl of my pumpkin and sweet potato soup. It was really just thrown together from bits and pieces I had leftover from a weekend of excess cooking and a general idea of how to make pumpkin soup according to my mother.

Basically, you need the following:

Olive Oil (or Avocado, which is what I used tonight)
Salt and Pepper
Pumpkin, cut into chunks
Sweet potato, cut into chunks
Stock (chicken or vege)
Sour cream

I used half a red onion tonight and a couple of cloves of garlic – I’m only one person, you see. I roughly chopped these up and cooked them for a few minutes in oil with some minced chilli, salt and pepper in a saucepan. Then I added the pumpkin and sweet potato chunks, poured boiling water over until it was just covering the veges and then added a stock cube. Depending on how much you’re cooking, you can gauge how many stock cubes you want to use, if that’s what you’re using. It’s no precise thing. I boiled these until they were mostly soft and then used my stick blender (I was thinking hand-whizzer, but thought maybe that wouldn’t make sense) to mush it all together. I also added a couple of leftover pieces of roast sweet potato that I still had in the fridge, but they weren’t necessary. At this point I put some sour cream in, sprinkled in some nutmeg and a little cayenne pepper (optional) and then whizzed it all together once more.

I had some leftover roast lamb from the weekend, so I cut a bit of it into cubes and put it in the bottom of my bowl. Over this I poured my soup and, as a side, I toasted a couple of slices of bread and slathered them with butter. Bliss.

I love pumpkin soup. You could say it’s one of my comfort foods. The weather’s just starting to get cold now and all I could think about today was going home and snuggling in a blanket to watch the state of origin and enjoying a bowl of soup.

I hope you all have a cozy evening and enjoy a little comfort food tonight. I know I will.


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