Lazy Sunday

22 May

The skies are grey today. I often think when it’s so grey that it’s like God has forgotten to paint the sky blue for a day. Everything looks so dull.

But the nice thing about drizzly weather, especially on a Sunday, is that it makes me feel like I don’t have to be in a hurry. I can sleep in, wear my pj’s a while longer, and watch a couple of episodes of 30 Rock with my sister while nursing a cup of tea. That’s exactly what I plan on doing today.

I have a good friend who would get teary just thinking about having a “nothing” day. She feels if you’re not doing something during all your waking hours then you are wasting precious time. Oftentimes she’ll tell me about a day off she had where she didn’t do all the things she wanted to do and feels so guilty because she ended up resting for a day. The thing is, she’s exhausted and I think it’s her body’s way of saying slow down.

Sometimes I think we have so much pressure put on us to make the most of our time because our lives are short. We must cram in as much activity as we can. But, in doing this, I think we forget to pause sometimes to let ourselves catch up and take stock of what we’re doing. Suddenly months go by without our knowing it and we can’t even figure out exactly what it is that we’ve done. But we’ve been so busy doing it.

I think there is joy and there is life in the stillness of a day. You can admire your surroundings, take pleasure in whatever little treat you’ve got for yourself, breathe, laugh and spend quality time with someone you don’t normally get a chance to. Life is about those things too.

So basically I’m saying it’s ok to take a break every now and then. Life shouldn’t always be about hustle and bustle. You shouldn’t feel guilty when you have nothing planned.

Have a lazy Sunday.


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