3 Facts About me

15 May

You may or may not have noticed my absence for the last little while. My only excuse is… that I’m lazy. I also had a phone line issue last week that left me internet-less and consequently slightly bereft. Who knew I was so attached to the internet? Anyway, to make things up to you, I thought I’d let you know a few more things about me.

1. I detest unnecessary noise – just ask my family. They say I have bionic ears because I am super-sensitive to noises. Things that fall into this category are: sniffling, yawning loudly, scratching your scalp, scratching dry skin, sucking on your teeth, slurping any beverage, dripping taps and ticking clocks. I have also been known to get annoyed at my own nose whistling. There is probably some deep-seated psychological issue here, but it makes me unique, right? Needless to say, earplugs rank highly in my list of best inventions of all time.

2. I am cold-blooded. Well… nearly. I find anything under 20 degrees (celsius) cold. When I went to Germany during winter when I was 16, my host family lent me a ski jacket for the six weeks that I was there. Though the weather was probably between 0 and 16 degrees at its best, I did not cope even with the jacket. I distinctly remember wearing two pairs of stockings and a pair of jeans one day to school in a failed attempt to combat the cold. I found it incredibly difficult to traverse the stairs in the building that day because my clothing was so restrictive and I was STILL cold.

(Yes, that is another jacket underneath the ski jacket)

Even with socks and gloves, my hands and feet can be icicles. I just have terrible circulation. I’ve tried exercise, but I haven’t noticed it make a difference. I don’t know what else to try other than moving somewhere tropical, so that I won’t have to worry about winter anymore.

3. The most major bone that I have ever broken is my pinky. I fractured it while playing volleyball at school when I was in year seven and I remember feeling sick right after it happened and nursing my hand on the bus back to our school that Friday afternoon. My mum thought I was malingering when I showed it to her at home and just bandaged my hand for the weekend, but I kept complaining the entire time that my hand really hurt. The outer half of hand swelled up quite nicely and I had a motley blue and yellow bruise too reaching my wrist. The following Monday my mum finally took me to the doctor where an x-ray proved that I wasn’t just whinging, but the finger was actually fractured. At first the doctor put this massive splint on it and bandaged it up and I was too embarrassed to go back to school. So we went to a second doctor who, as soon as he saw the contraption on my hand, decided to cut it all off and just simply strap my fingers for 6 weeks. The bone kind of scrunched a bit and my finger is not quite straight anymore, but it makes for an amusing story.

So, I hope that makes up for my absence the past couple of weeks. I’ll be back with hopefully more interesting things in the not too distant future.


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