20 Apr

A friend I used to work with introduced me to the term “hangry”, which is hungry and angry combined. I’m sure you’re familiar with that feeling where you know if you don’t eat something then someone might lose their head. Sound about right?

Well, I’ve coined another term. It’s Slangry – sleepy and angry combined.

It’s not uncommon for me to be slangry. I wake up irritated and then even the smallest things seem 1000 times more annoying than usual. This past week especially I’ve felt slangry. I’ve returned to my insomniac days where I lie awake for ages, tired, but wide awake with my mind refusing to switch off.

Part of me blames my dodgy bed time habits. Usually I’ll choose to read another chapter of my book instead of turning the lights out. Another part of me blames my caffeine habit, which I’ve returned to since my caffeine-free January. But the third part of me blames an anxious mind. I’m starting to worry about things again.

The cat is not helping tonight. She’s knocked over her water bowl and refuses to sit anywhere except inconveniently on my lap or between my face and the computer screen. I’m going to take this as a queue to go to bed.


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