Mo-Jo No-Show

15 Apr

It’s a Friday night and, instead of going to an evening churchy program with some friends, I’m sitting alone in my lounge room with (you’ve probably guessed) a cup of decaf tea. I’ve run out of steam tonight. My mo-jo has gone. All I can think about is finishing this, maybe squeezing in one more episode of Nigella and then finishing my book and finally, finally going to sleep.

This week has been weird. First of all, I quit my job on Monday and formally accepted a new position elsewhere. The news went down better than I had been anticipating. Every now and then over the weekend I had been fretting that everyone would be mad that I was going to leave. But my co-workers and supervisors have been very understanding about my move – it’s better pay and more stable than where I’ve been for the past two years. I’ll probably write another post about my thoughts on working later. It’s kind of too big for just this story.

Secondly, I caught a cold. It wasn’t so bad until Thursday when I woke up and felt like I was being stabbed in the brow and the back of the head. I ended up calling in sick. It was this day when I decided on one disadvantage to living by myself: there’s no one to take pity on me and look after me if I’m feeling crook. I think the advantages outweigh this occasional happening though and I did have an overly affectionate cat to keep me company. (You’ll have to excuse my awkward pose).

I also discovered the reason why my fridge had been making an awful noise for the past week. It had been rattling increasingly loudly since the weekend or thereabouts and it was driving me nuts. In the end I rang home to ask my father for some advice. “It sounds like something’s hitting the fan”, he said as I held the phone up to the back of the fridge for him to hear. Well, something definitely was interfering with the fan. I dismantled the back of the freezer as that’s where the noise was the loudest and discovered the largest amount of ice buildup I’ve ever seen. Another call home for some more advice and I spent the next 20 minutes sitting on a stool in the kitchen armed with a towel and a hairdryer (after I’d unplugged the fridge, of course), melting the ice from the back of the freezer. I felt rather proud of myself after I’d put everything back together again. I can be practical sometimes.

My camera charger also finally arrived. Actually, I’d forgotten to change my address on eBay, so it was delivered to my old house last week some time, but I only picked it up yesterday. So now I will actually be able to take proper photos to share with you.

All these things combined, but I guess especially contracting a silly cold, have left me feeling a bit… bleh. By about 2pm today I’d lost all interest in doing anything productive and I just wanted to go home. I didn’t get to go straightaway, but I got there eventually. I was showered and had eaten by 8. That’s got to be some kind of achievement, right?

Anyway, I think I’ve waffled for long enough and not actually reached any particular point. I’m hoping my mo-jo will return this weekend.

Fingers crossed, ey?


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