An attempt at being domestic

9 Mar

I’m lying on my bed in protest. For niceness’ sake we will call it a “brief break” from my evening of domesticity.

The evening started off well. I came home after a Body Jam session (will write about that another time) at the gym and immediately fed the cat and went about my way cooking dinner for one. I cooked tiny cubes of roasted sweet potato, some broccoli and a few organic lamb sausages. I may have eaten too much but hey, it was tasty. And thinking about it now makes me want more food. I think something is wrong with me…

In this time I also discovered that I am almost out of cat food. For some reason I was sure that I had a spare packet of it stashed in one of the cupboards here, but on closer inspection, I’ve realised it was actually just another few bags of kitty litter. I don’t think I’ll be running out of that for a while…

But anyway, after eating and watching a wee bit of tv I did some dishes. Not all of them because they need to soak for a while and I decided I could do them later in the evening after I had done some other sorting and cleaning.

I’ve semi cleaned the bathroom, likewise the spare bedroom, kitchen, lounge room and then made a complete mess of my own bedroom in an attempt to semi clean it as well. Notice a theme? Now I’ve got stuff strewn across my floor as I am trying to figure out exactly WHERE to put everything. It’d be alright if I actually had the space, but I am trying to fit all my stuff into an apartment that already has all of someone else’s belongings in it.

So I’ve come to a cleaning stand still and will now digress into a rant.

It always annoys me when I hear people say to a girl who is very “domestic”, “Oh you’ll make a fantastic wife one day”. Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like I’d be a massive failure of a wife because I do not find pleasure in playing hostess or doing any chores, except cooking when the fancy takes me. It also annoys me that there is this expectation that women are supposed to do everything about the house. Has anyone ever read any wife’s guide book excerpts from the 50’s? Holy eff, there was something wrong back then. Blame it on my upbringing, but a man should also be able to cook and clean and do anything that a woman is expected to do.

Perhaps that is why I’m still single…

And now back to my original problem of the messy apartment. I’ve got people coming over on Monday night and I am slightly scared that they will have two problems. Number one is that they won’t all fit as this place is kind of small. Two, they will think I’m disgusting and never want to come back.

I’m sure by Monday I will have this problem sorted, but it seems so unattainable right now. Oh well, time will surely tell and I will let you know how it goes.

Side note: Wabi, I FINALLY figured out how to dismantle the ironing board. It is now safely rammed back into the cupboard.


2 Responses to “An attempt at being domestic”

  1. wabiwabi 09/03/2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Oh good. Trying to get that thing down was like bathing a cat.

  2. H 09/03/2011 at 11:43 pm #

    Heh, having a giggle at the thought of bathing a cat.
    I AM one of those girls that get the “you’d make a good wife”, to which I usually smile politely and make a joke about being bad at many other things. My preferred response involves a lot more swear words and a reference to sticking whatever utensil I’m holding somewhere unsightly.
    Besides, men look hot in the kitchen ;0)

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