Quiet Weekend

5 Mar

It’s about 7:30pm on a Saturday night and I am home alone. I’m sure a lot of people would think this outrageous, but I LOVE to be by myself. Even on a weekend.

The past few weekends of mine have actually been pretty full on but I will write more about the previous fortnight in another post as they are an entire story in themselves. This weekend? I’ve been quite content to just laze around and do nothing in particular.

So far I have watched too many crime shows, read some of a thriller that my sister lent to me, eaten an exorbitant amount of food, watched nearly an entire series of Nigella Lawson’s cooking shows, got my hair trimmed and shopped briefly, experimented in the kitchen and also cleaned (albeit a very small amount). Those who know me well know that cleaning and general domesticity is not my strong point.

The kitchen experiment was a bit of a fail. I tried to make brown rice pudding with no recipe and really no idea, and basically the end result is still crunchy rice even though I’m sure it’s been cooking for over an hour. I don’t know what I did wrong in particular, but it isn’t great. I’ve tried to hide the evidence by stashing it in a bowl and then shoving it in the fridge. Maybe I’ll try nuke it in the microwave later on this week in the hopes it won’t be so, err, crunchy. Oh well. You live and you learn.

But anyway, I think what I love most about having a quiet weekend by myself is that I have no one to answer to. Eating toast three times a day and wandering around the unit all day with pyjamas on isn’t going to alarm anyone, and it doesn’t matter if I haven’t done the dishes yet. There’s no pressure to be entertaining or lively all the time and I can have a nap at 2pm if I want to. Ah, bliss.

Well, I think it’s about time for a cup of tea and maybe some more toast. It’s pretty addictive. Then I shall laze on the couch once more to watch some CSI and then I might read a little more of this book. If I were sensible, I’d go to bed early because tomorrow is going to be a busy day. But old habits die hard.

I wonder what your idea of a great weekend is?


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